Sunday, June 27, 2010

Conversations with Ramona and beezus: Sweet Things

We had too much yelling at our house today. I was feeling cranky about Mr. Q's impending absence and anxious about the work that needs to be done over the next 2 days to get ready for an out of town trip. Luckily, Mr. Q is out of town only for 28 hours (only 2 solo bedtimes !) and I'm really trying to look at this time with the girls by myself as a blessing instead of a hardship. I LOVE my daytimes alone with them, why should the bedtimes be any different ? (Answer: because it's not just the bedtime, it's the dinner prep, dinner clean-up, bedtime, and prep for the next day that is the challenge !)

Anyhoo . . . a couple sweet things happened today.

Earlier today, Beezus and Ramona were pretending. Beezus got her back-pack, her dress up shoes, her keys and a pretend cell phone and came to me and said, "Okay, I'm going. I'm going to college."
It was the weirdest thing, but I felt my chest constrict for just the briefest of a second and my mind flitted to calculating how long it would be until I heard those words for real.
I responded, "Oh? You're going to college ?"
Beezus said, "Yeah. I'll be back for dinner."
Oh good, she'll be a commuter student. Whew !


As I was getting the girls ready for bed, I was feeling very regretful about the unjustifiable yelling earlier in the day. As I was singing Ramona's special song to her tonight, I ended it by saying "I am so happy that God chose me to be your mommy." This is something I tell them on occasion.

She looked at me and said: "And Esther. God chose me to Esther."

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Elaine said...

Isn't it nice that every day the sun rises, and we get to try and do better than we did the day before. I'm crossing my fingers for smooth bedtimes and all the rest.

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