Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Season

We're coming up on the Quimby Family birthday season. Within the space of 2 months all four of us have our birthdays. As these things go, I prefer to make my kids' cakes from scratch*, although the cupcakes for the class snack are definitely from the grocery store. My friend June gave me "permission" to do that after she told me that all most of the kids do is lick off the icing. I'm not baking a cake from scratch for some kids who aren't going to appreciate it.

We talk a good bit about birthday cakes. They each want to make DARN sure that they will receive the first slice of cake. They like knowing about the birthday cakes that David and I had as children. And of course, they love talking about the sort of cake they want to have.

To keep tradition going, I like to steer them in the direction of the sorts of cakes that I had as a child and I seem to recall that my 3rd birthday was Cookie Monster. (Actually, I don’t recall it – it’s either written in my baby book or I saw a picture of it.) However, Ramona has her own opinions and Cookie Monster is not her favorite. Big Bird is a favorite, along with the “newer” monsters Elmo and Zoe.

When I ask Ramona what she wants on her cake, her answer is often whatever is on her mind or within her line of sight at the moment. But then she gets excited and starts stuttering, so it takes a looooong time to get the answer out of her. If she’s been to the grocery store recently, she also describes a cake for sale there which is nothing more than a ¼ sheet cake with green frosting and sesame street toys on top of it.


Today took the cake, though. I asked her about her preferred cake in the car and here was her answer:

"A cake with the park and the trees and the swings and trucks and cars and a house with a crib and a bathtub."

Um, yeah, let me get cracking on that design. Better yet, let me look up the phone number for Ace of Cakes !

* by scratch, I mean using a boxed cake mix but doctoring it up and making frosting from scratch.


V said...

Why not put dollhouse accessories on the cake? Plan makes almost all of the things R says she wants on the cake, then she can put them in their dollhouse.

Laurie said...

Today's Ace of Cakes was the largest cupcake in the world with a fire cracker on top instead of a candle. Too bad they didn't see that...could be good inspiration :)

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