Monday, May 31, 2010

A good place

Man, I'm feeling in a good place about that other stuff I posted about the other day.

There was no mal-intent on that person's part by lying to me. She probably thought she was doing the right thing by telling the lie(s). But it still goes to show that she must not know me that well if she thought it was better to lie than to say "This weekend ? Oh, I'm having a party for my kid. She only wanted to invite kids she plays with regularly/space is limited/yada yada yada/are in her class . . . "

There are a lot of good comments in the comment section and I got another good one in person and one over the phone that I wrote down somewhere, but can't find right now !

But man, oh man, what great friends, sisters, and blog readers I have.

Thanks y'all.

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dc604 said...

for real, for real.

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