Monday, May 10, 2010

Conversations with Ramona

Ramona is having a hard night and so I am spending some extra time with her singing in my great grandmother's rocking chair.

Her first request is "sunshine in my eyes make me cry" which is really John Denver's "Sunshine." I oblige and then ask her if she would like me to sing her "special song" which I remind her is the song I sang to her right after she came out of my tummy.

She nods, and so I begin the first verse:

Come set me like a seal upon your heart
a seal protecting your arm
Deep waters cannot quench this love
the ocean will not sweep it away

R: "Mommy ? Why the ocean not sweep it away ?"
Mrs. Q: "Because my love for you is so strong Ramona that not even the big, big ocean can take it away."

I'm pleased that she really hears the words I'm singing to her. I look into her eyes as I begin the chorus:

Wherever you go, I will go
Wherever you ...

R: "Mommy, I goooo to the playground tomorrow at school ?"
Mrs. Q: "Yes."
R: "Is it hot tomorrow on the playground ?"
Mrs. Q: "Um, I think it will be just warm and maybe a little bit hot."
R: "Mommy, you bring juiceboxes tomorrow* ?"
Mrs. Q: "Yes, Ramona, I will bring you a juicebox."
R: "Mommy, we need TWWWWWWOOOOOOOO juiceboxes. One for Ramona and one for Beezus."
Mrs. Q: "Yes, I will bring two juiceboxes."

The matter of the ocean and the juiceboxes settled, I finish the song while Ramona relaxes into me.

*If it is hot outside, we have a deal that they get to drink a juicebox in the car on the way home. Of course, the juicebox is all of 4 ounces and with no added sugar, but man, that 4 ounces (with a big sippy cup of water chaser) really does seem to perk them up !


Snork Maiden said...

That's so sweet!

dc604 said...

hmmm, that sounds like conversations with my 4th graders! stream of consciousness connections....

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