Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bad bookends

My day started bad and ended bad, but in the middle it was good. Ramona pooped on her own foot in the morning and peed on the basement floor in the evening.

After the foot pooping incident but before the basement floor peeing incident, we went to the thrift store and to an Amish market. The girls had exceptionally good behavior at the thrift store - we had a lot of fun. They coo a lot at the baby clothes and the baby toys - so cute.

At the Amish market, they had really good fountain diet coke there and a lot of Amish people. Most Amish people at this market wear black sneakers. Some wear crocs. One wore the exact same pair of Teva flip flops that I have. Amish people look almost exactly like they do on tv and in pictures. I was shocked that they looked exactly how I expected them to look.

I watched tv during naptime.



Stacy said...

I have to know - how did she explain the pooping on the foot? You know there's a good story there :)

Your Amish area sounds more casual than mine - in my area, they typically wear the sensible black lace-up boots. Of course, I notice that in WalMart, where they all arrive in big vans, so perhaps mine win the casual around after all...

Rachel et Natalie said...

at least it did not happen during your trip
that training is a tough one, courage. We are in the same boat

Stimey said...

There is some geometry involved in pooping on your foot that is quite a feat. Your girl is talented.

dc604 said...

its good you can pick out the good in your bad day! at the end of a bad day, that's all you have to hang on to!

Laurie said...

One day when she's older, may Ramona read this and do something very, very nice for you. You deserve it! Cleaning up pooped-on feet is a thankless job.

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