Friday, March 12, 2010

What will you keep ?

Although I'm always in the mind-set of what I'll sell at my next co-op sale, I'm really starting to think critically about these things now that I'm about 6 weeks out. In this process, I have good role models in my parents - they keep close to no clutter in their house - everything has a place. Yet they have several bins of baby and kid toys and books. It's wonderful to look through them. So, I know I must keep some things !

Ramona at age 2 3/4 yrs is gravitating more towards picture books, so a lot of our board books will go.

Mr. Quimby found a loud and annoying baby toy that we hid about three years ago - that will go.

We have three tea sets, one of which I bought a the thrift store - that will go.

Some peek-a-blocks and roll arounds and related toys - going.

Some little people sets - stay.

Puzzles that are too small or too big for my puzzle organizers - going.

Selected favorite infant toys - stay.

Favorite baby books - stay.

The other day my eye caught sight of the green sling I used for Ramona and Beezus. I had two - one for the car and one for home. The one for the car doesn't hold any sentimental feelings, necessarily. But the one for home, oh sweet jesus I'll never part with it.

It represents so much to me - the type of mother I became, one that believed in the benefits of baby-wearing, thanks in large part to the women I met at the Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington. I would have been a very different mother without them.

I remember cool nights walking with Beezus to meet Mr. Quimby coming home from the metro. Hot, hot summer days wearing Ramona while pushing Beezus in a swing at the park. Swinging the sling and the baby to the back of my hip so I could have both hands in front of me while fixing dinner. Nursing while in a long line at the grocery store. The large pocket that could hold the phone. The feeling of kinship when I saw another woman babywearing.

Mostly, I remember the closeness. My baby (or toddler) nestled right up next to me. Sometimes, when they were older they would occasionally put their head down on my shoulder.

The green sling? Definitely staying. Forever.

What will you never part with ?


The Lowe said...

How apt this post is considering the recent article in the NYT about the dangers of slings.

Sandy said...

I bet I know exactly what that annoying toy is! Was it passed down from an older cousin by chance? Hehee

Sandy said...

Thanks for this post, I was going to list what I will always keep here but then thought I would save it for my own blog, giving you credit for the idea, of course.

Silvia said...

I had tears in my eyes when I passed on my BreastFriend pillow. My sling - the only person who I'll pass it on to is Renee.

{sue} said...

Breastpump. I don't plan on ever having another baby, but if I do, I do not want to buy another Pump In Style.

Also, outfits I loved, a blankie from each kid, the crib. It's been recalled, so it'll probably stay in my attic forever.

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