Monday, March 15, 2010

Watch out Jean Butler

As fall drew to a close and it became uncomfortable to spend 2-3 hours on a Saturday morning at the playground, I decided to look around for a dance or gymnastics class in which to enroll Beezus.

I had three criteria:
  1. It must be held indoors (no winter soccer for us).
  2. It must not be terribly expensive, relative to other kid-focused classes in the area.
  3. It must not be competitive.
  4. It needed to have a lobby area large enough for Ramona to run around while Beezus was in class. This way, one parent could take both kids and Ramona could hae some physical activity as well.
  5. It must not interfere with our family's quest to live simply. To that end, I wanted it to be at a convenient time so that we could still have a leisurely morning at home and still have our leisurely lunch and family playtime in the afternoon before nap. I also wanted it to be in a convenient location.
I found all these criteria met in a combo ballet,tap, and tumbling class at our local community center. Although I initially wanted her to take gymnastics, the gymnastics class (also offered through our local parks and rec) was waaaaaay more expensive and waaaaaay further (20 min. compared to 7 min.) The community center contracts out their dance classes to a local dance studio - this means that we are getting instruction from a trained dance teacher but at community center prices. Sweet !!!

Beezus likes her dance class and her dance teacher. I like the way that the dance teacher teaches dance, which is in a very focused manner and not overly affectionate. I think this is good for Beezus. When Ramona and I sidle up to the door and peer through the crack, I can see Beezus proudly skipping across the room, hands on her hips, and her head held high (although she can only skip with one foot at a time, which is pretty cute).

As Beezus and I were watching Riverdance the other evening, Jean Butler made her grand appearance. As she flew across the stage, I turned to Beezus and said to her: "One day, would you like to dance like Jean Butler ? "

Beezus thought about that for a moment, never taking her eyes from the screen. Then she turned to me and said:

"Mommy, I'm going to dance COOLER than Jean Butler."

Enough said.


Stimey said...

Rock on, Beezus!

I want to put my kids in some classes or camps, but they are all sooooo expensive. Or far away. Or at inconvenient times. It's tough. I'm glad you found a good place.

Stacy said...

Go Beezus!!

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