Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That Kid

Hey - you know when your kid comes home from school and tells you about another kid in the class who did something outrageous ? You think to yourself, wow, what is going on with that kid ?

Well, today, that kid was mine. One of the aides in Beezus's class told me today when I picked her up that Beezus had something to tell me. After much coaxing (and then threatening no tv that night), I finally got Beezus to tell me.

Turns out that just before naptime when the children were supposed to be laying on their cots, Beezus pulled down her pants and said to her classmates "Ewwwww, my bottom. Look at my bottom. Ewwwwww."

I really never thought that I would have "that kid."

It was, yet another, reminder of why I love Beezus's teachers, particularly the lead teacher. The aide who discussed it with me yesterday afternoon waited until she was sure that there were not other children around and told me about it in a completely non-chalant manner, devoid of any judgment. Then, this morning, Esther's lead teacher caught me when Beezus wasn't around and briefly summarized how she talked to Beezus about it yesterday when it happened. Again, so completely devoid of any judgment. She reiterated that it wasn't that uncommon and in some ways, no big deal.

I've said from time to time that I believe that early childhood educators are the most important teachers in a child's life. For not only do they teach them actual scademic stuff, but they also teach them social skills, how to learn, and most importantly for me, how to love school.

Beezus loves school. Enough said.


Elaine said...


{sue} said...

I've had many of those That Kid moments. I've also been That Mom. Those moments are worse.

And? If Beezus were in MY class, I would have thought she was the most hilarous kid on the planet.

dc604 said...

I would need about 12 hands to count how many bottoms, weewee's and woowoo's I've seen in the 9 years of my prek and k teaching!!!! (not including the times I had to walk them through wiping their butts - i never actually wiped, which is why I have excellent butt-wiping verbal skills!)

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