Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for this unexpected gift of time with my family. Thank you for a strong husband and a good snow shovel. Thank you for thrift stores and my slightly obsessive nature that have allowed me to stockpile extra toys. Thank you for Ramona going p00p in the potty, by herself, today and yesterday. Thank you for electricity, diet coke, and store brand fudge stripe cookies that were on sale.

Help me to be patient and kind with my children and husband. Help me to continue to look at this time as a gift. And most of all, God, please send a text to mother nature and ask her to ease up on the blizzard-y stuff.

Your faithful servant,
Thrift Store Mama


Sandy said...

It's official! With the snowfall today, you have surpassed our season total so far! I agree, it is time for folks on the east coast/DC area to call Uncle!!!

Elaine said...

Just keep it from falling until I'm on a plane at 10:00 AM Saturday morning, please?

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