Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lenten Potpourri

I was a Lenten failure by 12noon. Made it that long and then caved in to the sweet dark nectar of the Gods - diet coke. Therefore, I am amending my Lenten sacrifice to: Thou shalt have no more than one diet coke per day, partaking of said diet coke no earlier than 12 noon. I challenged my sister Sarah to a friendly little Lenten competition as she is also giving up soda. Over Facebook, no less. Her response ? "BRING IT." Such good Catholic girls are we.

Also, I recently had to occasion to try and explain to some old friends about our attempt to live simply. Part of the way the Quimby family lives simply is by limiting our activities and social engagements. This allows us more time at home with our family and a more peaceful and calm life. I seem to kind of bungle it when trying to explain it to people who may have never heard of that concept before. Awwwwwwwwwwwkward.

In other matters, had a great day with my girls at an open gym at a gymnastics center. After the class, the children line up to get hand sanitizer and a stamp on their hands. Ramona got lost in the shuffle and Beezus leaned down to her and said, "Do you want a stamp, too, Ramona? Yes ? Okay, come over here with me." Beezus led her over to the end of the line, then went up to the "teacher" at the front of the line and said, "Excuse me, my little sister is waiting over her for a stamp."

What an incredible, amazing difference a year can make. Children are so, so awesome.


Elaine said...

Can I join your challenge? I don't drink soda, but I'm thinking, perhaps I could give up coffee.

AwwwTrouble said...

Chocolate is my vice, so I'm giving it up. Also (drum roll please): purchasing stuff. Still thinking this one through, but thinking it will get me to rev awwwwclutter back up.

Laurie said...

Can you parcel out the diet coke so you have a little bit all day long?

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