Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lent 2010

So, I've been reading all these Catholic moms blogs about how to teach the meaning of Lent to your children. These women are some amazing writers and the way they seem to reasonably live their faith is pretty cool.

But you know what ? I'm kind of tapped out right now. I feel like everything is on a good track, I'm managing my time and our family time really well. Our family is in a good spot. We like it here, in this good spot. While I will talk to Beezus about Lent, I'm not sure that a 4 year old will get the symbolism behind doing an extra good thing during Lent. We already talk about how it makes God happy when you do something nice for somebody else. (I should add here that I am also careful to emphasize every time that it can also make your own heart feel happy and that you don't have to let the other person have their way every single time. I don't want her to grow up thinking that she has to do stuff all the time to make other people happy. Um, hello 1-800-counseling ?!?!)

So, I'm thinking about my own Lent stuff. I need to make some more sacrifices. The thought popped into my head today to give up soda for lent. It's pretty old school to give something up, but that's what I think I can manage this year. To be honest, diet coke has been tasting kind of funny in my mouth lately, and I think it's become more of a habit than something that I really enjoy.

In terms of my doing something extra, I'm going to try and really find some good Catholic moms blogs out there for some spiritual enrichment. I get such nourishment and enrichment from my current blogroll on mothering and simple living and crafting, I'm sure that I would be similarly enriched from blogs with a spiritual focus.

I also need to be compacting more seriously. While I'm certainly not at the mall buying clothes for myself or at Williams Sonoma buying new home accessories, I've been slipping up a bit at the thrift store. I gave myself a personal challenge in February to see just how little I could spend on discretionary items and eating out. I've been okay on discretionary items but we've still been eating out too much - and by eating I out I usually mean me going through a drive through (god, that is SERIOUSLY embarassing to admit - I'm actually picturing several of my friends reactions right now). I have a small list of things I need to buy (Easter dress for Beezus, underpants for Beezus, Mr. Q really needs some new ties, electric razor for me).

Compacting and living simply really do tie in with Lent in more than just the "giving something up way." I would really like to be even less prideful about material things and more humble in general - compacting almost forces me to do that. It's easier to not be prideful when your favorite dress shoes for work are 8 years old !

Honestly, where's a good Jewish girl when you need one to help you figure out your Lenten resolutions ?!?!?!


V said...

Umm, does your compact apply for when you are asked to shop for your friends' children?! Luna *loves* Little People stuff. I have actually contemplated going down to DC overnight just to shop at the thrift store.

Ryaanne said...

Well, this good Jewish girl thinks that you are an amazing person all year round and I respect so much that you are able to accomplish your goals and have such a gift for self-reflection.

From what I understand about Lent (minimal at best) it is a time to reflect on who you are, who you want to be and then make a faithful effort to work towards being that person. Choose something that will be meaningful for you and will enhance your journey through life. Follow your heart because it had led you to this place. Hugs.

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