Monday, February 8, 2010

How to potty train without pull-ups

I referenced in an earlier post about the system I have for washing out p00py big girl p@nties. I offered up a teaser, and one commenter fell for it !!! So now I have justification for sharing my system which I think is SOOOOO cool !!!

Lots of people just assume that you potty train kids using pull-ups. Pull-ups in this case include all types of disposable training pants. My calculations show that pull-ups cost between $ .35 and $ .50 per pull-up. In addition, because they are super-absorbent, they don't let the kids feel the wetness. I'm not opposed to all use of pull-ups. Beezus wears pull-ups at night. I'm just opposed to people not thinking about how to potty train without pull-ups.

I use padded washable underp@nts, which we call big girl p@nties. Ramona has some that are all cloth and some that are all cloth with a thin vinyl barrier on the outside. These are awesome.

Without further ado, here's my system:

First, I try to dump any loose p00pie into the toilet. I flush said loose p00pie. Then I dip the dirty parts of the big girl p@nties into the toilet and flush again while doing so. This gets off additional parts of loose p00pie. Repeat until only a little loose p00pie is left. Then I let the big girl p@nties soak in the potty for 5-10 minutes. I can usually keep the clean portion out of the toilet and dry.

Flush again, lift the p@nties out and with your other hand slip the colander to rest on the potty seat. Place wet p@nties in colander and let them drain for 10 minutes or so. Needless to say, I spray down this colander with lysol and am sure to keep it out of reach of the girls.

Transfer to washer - run through a rinse cycle. (Wash hands multiple times with hot water and soap - remove all p00pie germs !) At this point, I now feel comfortable washing the p@nties with a load of clothes. If I don't have a load ready to go, then I leave them in the washer. Sometimes I'll run two or three p@nties through a rinse cycle before I'm ready to do a full wash. After they're washed, we hang them from pants hangers over the tub in an upstairs bathroom - it's just too cold for them to dry well in the basement and I like to make sure that they are dry all the way through.

And that, my dear readers is how you use disposable training pants in place of pull-ups.

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Jaymie said...

very well thought out! loved the play by play! lol ;)

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