Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Me !

Geez, I missed my own blogiversary. This is the date I consider to be the day I started my blog: February 4, 2008. I posted a couple times in December 2007, but didn't really make the commitment to blog until February.

My sister Susan once said to me (in that special way that only sisters can): "It's too bad that when you start something new that you can't do it in a reasonable way." What she meant was that when I start new things I throw myself into it full force: I can't just join a club, I have to volunteer to be a leader. I can't just start scrapbooking, I have to become a consultant that sells the products (that was back in 1998). I can't just give birth to kids and buy them regular clothes like everyone else - I have to shop at the thrift store and then try to find pieces from the same collection. I can't just breastfeed a baby - I have to learn everything about it, attend weekly meetings for the first 3 months, AND breastfeed for 16 months (the last 3 when I was already pregnant with her sister!)

For the most part, that's the way I started this blog: I jumped in full force. While I've waxed and waned over the past two years, it remains a pretty good chronicle of my life. Even if I stop tomorrow, my girls will have this snapshot, this oh so honest snapshot of what my life, and our lives, were like for this period of time.

I am really, really proud that I've kept this up.

Happy Blogiversary Mrs. Quimby.

Much love, Thrift Store Mama.


dc604 said...

just shows that when something REALLY matters it sticks!

that's not totally true though, because all your obsess....I mean "interests" leave behind legacies. The amazing scrapbooks, the new friends you've met, your healthy children!

Sandy said...

CONGRATS Ellen!! I hope you find the time and energy to keep the blog going. I love the little insights I get into your life with each blog you write!!

Stimey said...

Congratulations!! I think it's wonderful to have this record.

Marya said...

I have loved reading every sentence. Thanks for sharing.

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