Friday, February 12, 2010

All good things

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

I felt really sad packing the girls lunches last night. I hated dropping them off at school today. I almost felt like crying when we were driving Mr. Q to the metro (he would be risking his life to walk - thanks a lot asshats that don't clear your sidewalks) and I remarked that with a few exceptions I've really enjoyed our time together this week. Those exceptions would be Saturday when I was in a house cleaning frenzy due to extreme worry and anxiety over losing water or power; Monday when I had a lot of work to do from home; and one other time that I can't remember.

We relaxed the rules and our days took on a new, albeit predictable, routine. We would sleep until the girls would wake up around 7-7:45, cereal for breakfast and then a pre-school appropriate DVD (Dora, Clifford, Sesame Street, Curious George) for about an hour (I KNOW - WE WENT CRAZY). During that hour, I would get dressed and clean up the kitchen and possibly start some laundry. Mr. Q would, of course, start shoveling. After tv time we would play either upstairs, or we would put on slippers, a lightweight fleece jacket, and a hat and go play in the basement. After that it would be some outside time if possible, lunch, usually some extended book reading or playtime and then nap. Mr. Q would sometimes come in from shoveling for the marathon book reading session, but sometimes there was so much to do outside that he didn't come in until after the girls were down.

During naptime, Mr. Q and I would sit on the couch and eat lunch together and then watch tv or an episode of Band of Brothers. The girls would wake up, playtime in the basement or outside, dinner, the usual 20-30 minutes of a DVD, more playtime, and then bed. During active snowing, Mr. Q would go back outside right after dinner to do more shoveling.

We had family playtime and Mr. Q and I also got some 1:1 time with each kid. I did 6 loads of laundry and the vast majority of that is folded, and about half is put away.

My picture taking was sporadic and the computer is acting up, so I don't want to task it by trying to edit and post these photos.

But it was really very, very nice.


Stacy said...

It sounds like a great few days (except for the snow shoveling, of course!) I love the relaxed feel of unexpected days off.

Ryaanne said...

What a great time for you and your family.

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