Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Adventures of Ola-Baby

At least 2-3 times a week Beezus tells me something about Ola-Baby and I think "I've got to go write that down." Honestly, Ola-Baby could have a blog of her own with all of her adventures and the interesting things about her. With her supporting cast of Tammy, Big Baby, Big Sister, Little Sister, Adam and Abigail, the mermaid dolls, Adam and Alexander (yes, there are 2 Adams) and an assortment of 4 build-a-bears, Lamby, Rudolph and a couple un-named stuffed animals I suspect that there would be no shortage of blog posts.

The girls and Mr. Quimby and I talk about our extended doll/bear family as if they were real. It's not unusual for Mr. Quimby to relate a story about when Beezus or Ramona were babies and have Beezus respond with, "Oh yes, Daddy, Ola-Baby does that too." I know that Beezus knows we are pretending, but I think most people would see these interactions and assume we are talking about a real person.

But what Beezus said to me today, and the matter of fact way she said it was probably the best one so far.

One of her favorite night-time activities is to look at her friends' blogs, to see if there are any new pictures of them. She asks most often for pictures of Eamon or Isabella, but is happy to see her other friends too. A few days ago we were looking at Rachel's recent pictures and scrolled down to a post about Hanukkah.

Beezus: Oh, look a Menorah. Why does Rachel have a menorah?
Mrs. Q: Because her daddy is Jewish.
Beezus: Are we Jewish?
Mrs. Q: No, we are Christian.
Beezus: I want to be Jewish.
Mrs. Q: Well, if we were Jewish, we wouldn't go to our church with Father Stack and Deacon Neal.
Beezus: Where would we go?
Mrs. Q: We would go to temple at a synagogue.
Beezus: Mommy, Ola-Baby is Jewish.
Mrs. Q: Oh really?
Beezus: Yes, me AND Ola-Baby are Jewish.

Given my fondness for the Jewish people (Beezus and Ramona's real names are traditional Jewish names from the Old Testament) I was tickled at the influence that Ola-Baby's religious heritage has on Beezus !

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Ryaanne said...

I must have completely missed this post at some point. Waaay cute! Tell Ola-Baby the Runkles said "Welcome to the Tribe"

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