Monday, January 4, 2010

Tee-tee update

I believe that Ramona is about 70% potty trained.

She had a couple very minor accidents at school today, but I think that's to be expected. A few minutes after we came home tonight, I realized she had disappeared. I looked over at the bathroom door which was closed. As I peered through the keyhole (love the original door hardware on this 70+ year old house) I could see her sitting on the potty. She was going tee-tee all on her own !!!

Imagine that - a 70% potty trained child in 4 days with gentle discipline and without reward based incentives (just praise, thumbs up, and some high fives). I should seriously write a book. Um, except that I got my plan and all my ideas out of a book, so I guess that would be plagiarism.

The next 30% will be the hardest. She knows she gets a miniature jelly bean if she goes #2 in the potty, but she's only managed it a couple times. (She's holding it until she gets a diaper on for nap). Luckily, she seems pretty textbook typical (scared of pushing it out) so I think it will resolve itself in time !


Rachel et Natalie said...

well done mom

Elaine said...

Awesome! Helen was inspired by those nice pink underpants of Ruthie's, so now she's sporting her own pink with cats (thank you, Hello Kitty brand) which she loves to take on and off. So far, things are going well.

Megan Chloe said...

Hey, I just love your blog! Im going to follow you!!
will you please return the favor,? thanks!

Stacy said...

Hi! Hope potty training is going well! I am so happy to be past that stage ;)

If you see this, stop by my blog - I gave you a blog award tonight for being so awesome!


Ryaanne said...

I can't believe she is old enough to be potty trained. You are almost done with diapers!!!!!! Congratulations.

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