Sunday, January 3, 2010


Over the next 3 1/2 weeks (24 days), Mr. Quimby will be absent for some portion of half that time. For the next 4 weeks, I will be by myself for at least half the week. Specifically, I will be parenting solo for 10 mornings and 13 evenings.


See, I never wanted to be a single parent. Believe it or not, there are actually things you can do to not start out as a single parent ! Really, like NOT HAVING SEX or using birth control or a birth control method, whether natural or medicated. I did all those things because I NEVER WANTED TO BE A PARENT WITHOUT A PARTNER !!! I know, I know, sadly, sometimes people become single parents through divorce or separation or death and that is really, really sad for everyone involved. Except when the divorce or separation is really best for all parties involved; then it is still sad but for the best.

Man, I'm trying really hard to make my point and still not offend anyone.

I'll just go back to whining. WAAAAAHHHHHH, poor me, poor me. And poor Mr. Quimby. I feel sad for him too. This travel is NOT for fun - it involves flying to different states and then driving to multiple small towns within these states trying to get the workers in his industry to write letters to their elected representatives to try and convince them that another tax on their product will NOT result in people consuming less of the product and WILL result in a negative impact on their industry which could result in said worker LOSING THEIR J.O.B. (Shit, I think part of me might be Republican. Wait, I knew that already.) He'll be in a different hotel every night and will not be eating well. It's definitely not some boon-doggle conference he's going to.

Mr. Quimby feels very guilty when he travels. He brought me ice cream in bed last night and is not even hollering at me to get off the computer right now.

Okay, I can do this. I can do this. The January grid is ready. I've confirmed that out mother's helper can stay a little later on her usual night. I'm going to call a dog walker to walk the dogs on the days I'm working. I'm going to take care of myself by still making time to exercise. I'm working on getting through all the laundry to make getting dressed easier throughout the week. I will be disciplined and will pack up everything the night before.


Oh, and here's the January grid. I love me some grid.


dc604 said...

if there was some way you could just get help with the laundry, that would make a big difference! you HAVE to take care of yourself (with positive actions) during this time. otherwise, it's so easy to take care of ourselves with (other indulgent) positive means that end up having a negative impact. B. and I had a great time spending all day together, so maybe another one of those is in the works. Maybe R. would be agreeable to a day with ANA also.....

Snork Maiden said...

LoL Good Luck, TSM!! That grid looks pretty brilliant. And, just think, you're not *really* a single parents. A single parent might actually scoff at you for whining! :D

Stacy said...

It's always intimidating to go from 2 parents to 1! :)

By the way, I am completely loving the grid. I am so glad you let me steal your brilliance! Every morning, I wake up to a clean kitchen and living room just because the grid holds DJ and I accountable at night. I spend so much less time on housework and accomplish so much more.


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