Sunday, January 31, 2010


. . . And the award for most original excuse in procrastinating going to the potty goes to RAMONA QUIMBY for this phrase "No, Mommy, I can't sit on the potty. I hafta sit here (indicates stool adjacent to the potty) until I get my energy."

In other potty news, I have an awesome system for washing out poopy big girl panties. It involves the toilet in a seldom used basement bathroom and a colander from the thrift store. I'll let you guess how it works.

Ramona went #2 on the potty today (Aunt Susan got her to go while Mr. Quimby and I were on a date at the grocery store) so I'm hoping I won't need to utilize the system much longer.

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Snork Maiden said...

I tried, and just can't picture the collander role on the poopy diaper washing. I won't sleep until you elaborate. :D

And, congrats!!

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