Saturday, December 19, 2009


Lots of snow ?
Annoying, but not a problem.

Lots of snow when your neighbors are out of tow and your husband volunteered to shovel their walks?
Really, really annoying but not a big problem since he's been out shoveling continuously since 6am with only a two hour break and then another one hour break.

No water for a couple hours because of a water main break?
Really, really, really annoying and a small problem.

No water for the entire day?
Becoming a big problem.

I'm just trying to keep my cool and not get worked up. It was supposed to be fixed by noon and our water back on by 4pm, and now it's 5pm, so I'm sure it will be soon.

We're off to some neighbors who also don't have water. But I do hear she does have mulled wine. No hell what mulled is, but it's the "wine" I'm after. And hanging out with my totally great neighbors.


Stacy said...

Lose water, find wine...sounds like a smart trade ;)


Mom said...

LOL Gosh I thought you would explain the word for me too, but under the circumstance I would go after the wine part of the invitation. LOL

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