Thursday, December 31, 2009

Potty training is hell

I've started a second attempt at potty training Ramona today. Our first attempt, about six weeks ago, ended after 2 days. I just don't think she was ready.

So, after a sufficient waiting period we've started again.

I'm ready this time. Definitely ready.

I've got 14 pairs of the padded training underpants. I've got 16 pairs of training underpants with a vinyl cover. There's a waterproof mattress cover on the couch with a sheet on top of that. Beezus's bed, where the girls frequently play, also has a waterproof mattress pad. Beezus and Mr. Quimby have gone to Great Kids Village to see the Great Zucchini, and I'm letting Ramona watch a dvd so that it will keep her in one place and I can do some light housework. I dug up the pads that they gave me in the hospital after I had Ramona and she's sitting on top of one of those on the couch.

See, I hate potty training. Granted, in retrospect, it was fairly easy with Beezus. But I still don't like it. First of all, in the way we potty train (old school with no pull-ups) it's much easier to stay around the house for the first few days while the kid gets a hang of it. In addition, I find that except for the initial 10 minutes after they've had a recent output, I pretty much have to stick pretty close to them. That's tough to do all day long for 3-4 days. Second, Ramona has chronic constipation that we have to stay on top of. I suspect that we're going to be "miralaxing the hell out of her*" before this is over to get her to keep pooping regularly. Third, I worry about damaging her delicate psyche. You're not supposed to be overly enthusiastic, but you have to be enthusiastic. You can't act diasppointed or upset when they have an accident. You have to be firm, but can't push too much. It's just a lot of emotional rules to follow. It's one of the few parenting things where I worry that what I do could seriously screw them up.

But I'm coping. Thank goodness that Ramona will watch tv so it keeps her in one place. I'm doing my regular domestic chores in 10 minute incriments. You wouldn't believe how fast I'm typing right now !!! We're having some success this morning. Ramona seems to do better sans underpants or the thin knit pajama pants that Beezus wore while potty training in winter. Twice now Ramona has let out a few drops and then can hold it while I carry her to the bathroom. I think that's some serious progress in only 4 hours. (We've been pre-potty training for about a year now.)

Best of all ? I keep thinking that spring is only 4 months away and how much fun it will be to teach Ramona how to pee in the grass in the woods adjacent to our playground. Oh, and tomorrow it's my turn to take Beezus on an outing and Mr. Quimby will stay with Ramona at home !

* I think Stimey once used this phrase in regards to Quinn, but I can't find a search function on her blog, so I can't link to it.

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Stimey said...

That does sound like something I'd say. And I've been meaning to put a search button up. Sorry. *hangs head*

Good luck with the potty training! May it go quickly and successfully. And then may you enjoy your new diaper-free life, because it's really, really good on this side.

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