Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plans for the week

Edited slightly from original post.

We've got some plans the next few days.

My general M.O. on weekends or days when we're all home together is to have either Mr. Quimby or myself take the girls on an outing or running errands in the morning (leaving the other parent at home). After naptime in the afternoon, one of us takes the girls outside for as long as they can stand the cold - they each have full length fleece suits that they can wear over their clothes. Then we have playtime while one parent fixes dinner. After dinner and playtime, the girls watch their 20-30 minutes of a DVD while one parent either sits with them and snuggles or does a quick pick-up in the general vicinity of the girls and the tv; the other parent is doing the post dinner clean-up. Our girls still have a pretty hands-on bedtime routine - so one or both of us is actively engaged until 9pm usually. (Beezus goes to bed on the late side since she still takes a good nap.) The girls have short playtimes in the morning before we head out, in the early afternoon after lunch/before naps and then more lengthy playtime after naps and throughout the evening. We're potty training Ramona starting on Thursday, so that changes things a bit, at least for Ramona.

Here's our schedule.

Tuesday: Post office to mail packages and holiday cards (thank GOD I got the ones that said "happy holidays" instead of Merry Christmas). Then to the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center to see the nativity scenes and check out their indoor playspace. Thanks for the tip, Jessica. Then the girls and I will pick up Mr. Quimby at the house and head up to a local lab for the girls to get some blood drawn (orders left over from their annual check-ups, between 3 and 6 months ago).

Wednesday: I'll be at work, so Mr. Quimby and the girls will take the bus 2 miles up the road to get haircuts, lunch at the local bagel shop, and then the bus back to our house.

Thursday: Mr. Quimby and Beezus are going to see the Great Zucchini at the new Great Kids Village in Silver Spring. Thanks AGAIN for the tip Jessica !

Friday: No definite plans as of yet, but thinking that one of us will take Beezus duckpin bowling. The one near our house is open at 12noon, so we might head out to another one which opens at 10am. (Thanks yet again, Jessica.)

Saturday: I'll take the girls to the mall in the morning to run around before the stores open (Ramona will be wearing rubber pants over her training underwe@r). Then, I'm off to an all day scrapbook thing from 11am-5pm at a local church basement a block from my house ! I think my sister Susan will host Beezus at her house for some play at some point.

Sunday: One of us will take Beezus to church and the other one will stay home with Ramona.

Whew !

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Jessica McFadden said...

It was SO AWESOME to run into you at the JPII Center this week! What a treat - sorry for fan girling you so! xoxo

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