Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Quimbys are a committed one-car family.

We used to be a no-car family. In fact, we owned a condo for several months before we ever bought a car.

We are currently on our third car and have had it for seven years. It's in GREAT shape - we just had a couple thousand dollars worth of work done in January and anticipate that it will keep going for several more years. I keep towels on the floor so the floormats are still clean (it's much easier to wash towels than it is to wash floormats). About once a month there is a day that we legitimately could use a second car - it involves some very clever orchestrating, some time wasting, and a ridiculously long metro ride; on those days two cars would make it much, much easier. Renting a car is such a pain - the rental place near our house takes soooooo long to fill out the paperwork, etc. when you rent a car. Zip car is also an option and one that we should probably explore, although often when we need a 2nd car it's for me to drive to work and zip car might not work for that.

We have two carseats in the back. One is behind the passenger and one is in the center. This makes a tiny little space behind the driver for an adult to sit. It's pretty narrow, but it's possible. However, having two car seats immediately next to each other when the center one has to use the seatbelt (no latch system in the center) makes it VERY difficult to get the center one in or out.

I LONG for a minivan. In a sinful way even - I covet other people's minivans and if someone gets a new minivan, watch out! I catalog all the ways that the person is unworthy of their new minivan and the ways that I am worthy of it. It's not pretty, I admit it.

It's frustrating to me that we don't have enough money saved to buy one outright. It's also frustrating that we can't buy one and finance it for 3 years. It would just make the monthly budget too tight. I suppose we could lease one or buy one and finance it for 5 years, but neither of us wants a minivan bad enough to do that - that's just, well, a waste of money and kind of foolish. Of course, we don't really NEED a minivan. Yes, it would make life easier.

So, for now, we'll keep shoving a 3rd passenger into the backseat. And I'll keep longing and coveting!

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Rachel et Natalie said...

I used to hate these mini vans,thinking about the amount of gas these were burning out...
But now I do think too that it would make our life a little bit easier. So here is what I do: I to pull the driver seat further to the front when I go and pick up the girls and I let them enter from one side (the one close to the curb) and now Natalie can get into her seat by herself. I know it is not the real thing Ellen but it is as close as I can get to one for the moment.

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