Saturday, December 12, 2009

House inspiration and a missed stalking opportunity and an accolade

How's that for an eloquent title?

I went on the annual house tour in our town recently. Six houses, four of them of a normal size and with attainable levels of cleanliness and holiday decorations, two of them bigger than I could ever afford and bigger than I would ever need or want. I can't even relate to those two houses. But I could relate to the 4 reasonnable ones, and they were inspiring. I came home and the next day started cleaning out and decluttering a couple spaces and found a TON of breast pump supplies that are 60% of the way to getting listed on e-Bay. Every year, this tour serves as an inspiration to me to get home and clean up and decorate for Christmas. I'm not a big one for decorating for the holidays (it's so much work!) so I need some inspiration.

I LOVE old ladies and old lady stuff and by old I mean over 85. I'm always on the hunt for embroidered table linens at the thrift store and I have a serious weakness for these items. I have twice paid $22-$30 for an embroidered tablecloth in really good condition. One of the houses on the tour is owned by a really cool old lady widow in town. Her hair is always fixed, her make-up is done, she always has on an outfit, and she drives a gigantic Cadillac. One time when I was walking with a friend when Ramona was a newborn we saw her picking up a friend and I commented out loud that not only do I hope I look that good when I'm her age, but I wished I was that pulled together now!

Her house was amazing and FULL of old lady stuff that I love - needlepoint hangings on the wall, embroidered seat covers, furniture from the seventies in GORGEOUS condition. She had an extensive antique and vintage spoon collection (I used to collect souvenir spoons) and one of them had a rendering of a watermelon painted on it. I also collect high quality watermelon things (I used to collect low quality, but it was just too much) and so I about fell over when I saw this vintage "watermelon" spoon. I was chatting with her and told her how much I admired her and how much I loved her house. I found out that she doesn't have children, and what clubs she's involved with in town. I will commence stalking her trying to wile my way into her good graces. At some point she might move to Shady Acres, and I will be there to "help" make sure her old lady stuff goes to someone who will appreciate it.

I may have mentioned here before that I have only two really good friends in town and a big handful of friendly acquaintances/casual friends. Well, these two good friends do not know each other and I've often wondered if/when my worlds would collide and they would meet. In fact, when we were all at the same house on the house tour at the same time, I got so excited about their meeting that I couldn't even concentrate enough to throw myself at one of the IRL people whose blog I stalk ! (Consider yourself lucky that I didn't corner you and talk your ear off!) My friends met, my worlds collided, and now I can continue on.

The coolest part of the evening was when I was chatting with a brand new mom with a 7 week old baby. I gently said "How's he eating?" (that's my non-threatening way of asking if she is breastfeeding). She was saying that the breastfeeding is hard, and that one of her biggest hurdles is that she can't figure out how to nurse lying down and she doesn't like having to sit up at night. I told her it's great that she's breast-feeding, acknowledged that it's hard, reminded her that it will get easier and suggested a couple things for the night-time nursing, one of which is that she should try the lying down positions during the day when she's not half-asleep. We chatted a little longer and they left. One of the well known long time town residents (who is also a midwife) came over to me and gave me a little hug and said, "I'm so happy to see the tradition of breastfeeding being handed down to the next generation. What a great suggestion that was to try lying down and breastfeeding during the day. Way to go."

I was beaming. And I still am.


{sue} said...

See, if I had started my blog YEARS ago, I would have met you earlier and you could have given me that suggestion, because after breastfeeding 4 kids, I NEVER got the hang of doing it laying down. (Which I swear is why I have relentless insomnia now.) Ignore the fact that there was no such things as blogs 12 years ago AND that even if there were, you probably wouldn't have been reading a mommyblog back then.

(I covet those 2 big houses the way you covet minivans.)

Rachel et Natalie said...

well done Ellen
I enjoy sharing the tips we got from the group and Pat as well.

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