Friday, December 11, 2009

He's a good man, Mr. Quimby

Ramona was under the weather today and Mr. Quimby had already planned to take off work, so they were at Michael's crafts together while I was at work. Mr. Quimby was there to pick up a wedding present I got for one of his co-workers - their wedding portrait and invitation matted and framed.

But since he was there, I asked him to pick up a couple foam craft kits for the season. Beezus LOVES these.

Mr. Quimby: "Some what?"

TSM: "You know, some of those kits with all the foam pieces for the kids to make things out of?"

Mr. Quimby: "No, I don't know."

TSM: "We had them for Thanksgiving - one was a turkey, the other was a leaf, and they decorate them with the foam stickers."


TSM: "So, I was thinking that since you're there anyway, you could get one for Hanukkah and one for Christmas. They don't sell them at Target, so Michael's is really the only option. If they don't have a Hanukkah themed, then you could get a snowman or something else not-Christmassy."


TSM: "There's lots of pieces and they come in this plastic bucket, except it's square. There's usually enough in there for 10-20 kids to make one."

Mr. Quimby: "What do you want me to get again?"

That was the run up conversation before Michael's. So now Mr. Quimby and Ramona are actually at Michael's and he's called me twice to double check on his purchases.

He is a good, good man that Mr. Quimby !!!


Stacy said...


I feel like I've had that exact same conversation with my husband, just not about foam. Although, if I asked him to buy some, it would occur just like you said!

Last night, ironically, I called him into the kitchen and told him, "We've lived here for 6 years. Let me show you how to turn on the oven." And then walked him through it. He simply can't comprehend Bake/Select Temp/Start and always ends up with the cooking timer on, and then doesn't understand why the oven turns off later. *shakes head* Sad but true.

Yeah, I understand exactly where you are coming from!

V said...

I could picture both your and Mr. Q's expressions during this conversation.

Herself said...

Himself asks ME if I want anything at Michael's because he wants to pick up a craft kit for Eamon. I'm serious. Never foam though - wood, plaster maybe.

Rachel et Natalie said...

yes he is a good man indeed.

Yossi is doing the groceries but going at Michaels's to pick up somethig he has no clue about,..... not there yet

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