Monday, December 14, 2009


You start longing looking at the Netflix DVD around 12 noon. You tell yourself it's only going to be a few more hours. Lunch, getting down for naps, a couple loads of laundry and some dinner prep. It all gets done, you sit down with a diet coke and the last piece of apple pie that your rockin' SIL sent down with her DH a few days ago. Mr. Quimby puts the DVD in, you prop up your feet, snuggle into Mr. Q., and hit play.


Loading . . . Loading . . . Loading . . . Loading . . . Loading
"This disk cannot be played." Mr. Q looks and sees that there is literally a small hunk of the DVD missing.


Get it? It's a play on disappointment ?


Rachel et Natalie said...

these things are not supposed to happen
sorry you missed your reward

Stacy said...

I love the word :) We have flixappointment around here when we are about an hour into a movie and it sticks. And sticks. And eventually stops trying. Good movies I make them send me a replacement, bad movies I look up on Wikipedia and just read how they end. ;) I really think I need to learn how to clean DVDs since that's probably our problem.

Hope your replacement arrives soon! And that you can watch online in the meantime ;)


dc604 said...

or "netf**ks" ....get it, instead of "Netflicks" - they send you the dvd you've been waiting for and then they f*** you over with a reject disk!
tag: i think I'm funnier

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