Monday, December 14, 2009

Conversations with Ramona

Fairly often, I bring Ramona into the bathroom with me when I do my business. It allows us some time to chat, keeps her out of trouble, and most importantly, is an important part of pre-potty training.

So, the other day when I asked "Hey Ramona, do you want to go potty with me?" she responded quite seriously, "No. You're a mommy so you can go by yourself."

Edited to add:
After I wrote this, Ramona conceded to come into the bathroom with me on another occasion. As I am conducting my business, she says "MOMMY! - Miss Rossina says you hafta close your legs. Close your legs Mommy!" Ramona uses the potty pretty regularly at school and this is the technique Miss Rossina reminds them of to keep the splattering and clean up to a minimum! Her teachers roared with laughter when I told them about this.


Rachel et Natalie said...

that's too good, smart girl R.

dc604 said...

she's so sweet....gotta love how 2 year olds keep it real!

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