Tuesday, December 15, 2009


There are some moments when I know that I am being exactly the kind of mom I want to be.

When I let them eat nutrient devoid scones for breakfast and throughout the morning.
When we eat broccoli freshly steamed right from the steamer basket.

When we put on rain boots and go for a long meandering walk to find the biggest puddle, to look for worms that need to be put back into the grass, or the stick on the ground with the most leaves (Beezus calls them pom-poms) while Beezus leads our parade in a ballerina costume and green frog rainboots.
When we come home and they are so conditioned to take off their shoes in the house that I don’t have to even tell them.

When I stay patient for 4 hours during a whiney afternoon and evening.
When I yell after Beezus smacks me on the butt in frustration. Because frankly, smacking your mother on the ass justifies getting yelled at.

When I delay the start of naptime so that we can lay together on the bed and I show them how I used to hold them while they slept when they were babies.
When I say no to the Ramona’s request that we all take our nap in the big bed together.

Despite my natural desire to have things exactly.the.same.way.all.the.time. I lack the self-discipline to put that sort of theoretical rigidity into practice. Rather, the above illustrates the sort of balance that Mr. Quimby and I want for our family – this is what I think I am most proud of right now.

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V said...

That is balance. Good for you!

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