Monday, November 16, 2009

Yard Sale

Some residents in our town pulled together and had a town wide yard sale a couple weeks ago. Since the stupid weather forecast said that there was an 80% chance of rain and then it didn’t rain, I didn’t wind up putting out all the stuff that I wanted to. Just two lonely toys went out. But the coolest part? I didn’t sit out there all day minding them…I put a sign on them that indicated the price and asked to “just put the money in the mailbox on the front porch.” It was a leap of faith, but I was only asking $8 total and I figured it was no great loss if somebody just took them without paying.

With the rain today, I spent all morning setting them out when it was dry and then pulling them back in when it was raining. Back and forth.

After I took my power nap with Beezus, I got up and heard the rain pouring down. “Oh no, I thought. They’ll be soaked, I’ll never sell them now !” I look out side and the toys aren’t there. I look in the mailbox … and there is a $10 bill ! ! !

My faith is even greater now in my fellow humans !!!


Mom said...

You will be surprise! I bet it is because you thought it would be ok if nobody pays and there the money was! Good for you!!

Laurie said...

Now, that is the best way to hold a yard sale!

Elaine said...

What a great reminder that people are good! Enjoy the extra cash!

Ryaanne said...

Great. My dad did this with his pumpkin crop this year. He usually grows over 100 pumpkins but with all the rain in Maine the only got around 30. So he write a price on each one and left them by the road with a coffee can while he went to work. Every single pumpkin was bought and accounted for in the coffee can. Amazing.

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