Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Round up

I had a hysterical post in my head regarding some futile conversations that I've had with Beezus and Ramona while trying to reason with them. I put it together while waiting to fall asleep a couple nights ago. I was excited about it and proud of the cleverness of it. Now a few days later, other than the title, which was to be "Conversations in Futility" I can't remember another damn thing about it.

I'm away from home for a couple nights staying at a local swanky hotel while running a meeting. I'm sad - and I'm terrified that I won't be able to sleep through the night which I believe is the ONLY redeeming thing about being away from my family for work. (But I am enjoying watching tv which we often don't get to do on weeknights.)

We had a wonderful trip to NJ this past weekend to attend a party hosted by one of Mr. Quimby's siblings for his mother's 80th birthday. It was really moving to see Mr. Quimby and ALL of his living 7 siblings pose for a photo with his mother. It also reminded me of the importance of sustaining (or in some cases, building) Mr. Quimby's relationships with his siblings. The travel part of it was, frankly, awesome despite all my worries.

Turns out we didn't forget a single thing. I don't attribute that to a list - I attribute it to the fact that the girls went to school in the morning while Mr. Quimby and I packed. We typically are packing at 11pm at night, which may explain why we usually forget one thing, despite using a list.

But the travel part ? It was a dream. Other than a cranky 15 minutes on the drive up and the drive back, and a rough 20 minutes while trying to get the girls to fall asleep in the same room in the hotel the first night, the rest of it was a breeze.

Wait. But even as I write that I'm reminded that there were other blips in the road. The first night we let the girls stay up late and by the time we got them into bed (which was only an hour late for Ramona at that point) she got a second wind, and then a third wind, and then a fourth wind. She didn't fall asleep until 11 pm !!!! There were other blips, too.

But, life is different now. The blips are only blips instead of bottomless potholes.

Having an almost 2 1/2 year old and an almost 4 1/4 year old seems to be a breeze compared to years past. I feel like I leave that comment frequently on other's people blogs - particularly people with infants who are sleep deprived. It. gets. easier. The TSM from 18 months ago knew that it would get easier, but oh my good gosh, it's so hard to remember that when you are so tired !!! This past weekend makes me feel hopeful - and even MORE excited about the future and the travels I hope we will embark on together.


Fiona said...

So glad the trip went well - you are right, it DOES get easier. The travel gets easier. The blips are more easily overcome and don't consume the next 3 days of your life anymore. And I am so glad Sophie is almost out of the diaper stage ...

And I've heard the next few years get even better! Bring it on!!

dc604 said...

urrmmm, if having the 4 year old stay over only one night is any indication of reality, ... then you and Daddy are surely almost complete with your application for Sainthood. seriously, its 10:45 and she peeps her head around the corner for the 3rd/4th time? that's some serious patience.........

Ryaanne said...

Thank you for giving me HOPE! We are about to do some VERY minimal sleep training (well I like to call it sleep modifying) with Ari as he was up 7 times last night. And you are right it consumes my every thought. Thanks for giving me hope.

Laurie said...

So glad you had a good trip. And, I hope that with their later bedtimes on the road, that they also had a later wake up time for you!

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