Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rock star

There are times that I feel like a rock star.

Like when it's only Wednesday at 11:45am and I've been to 3 jazzercise classes in 3 days. That makes me feel like a rock star.

Or when the teacher at the Tuesday night class takes a break to take a swig of water and then looks at me to see what step we're on.

Or when I attend a class that I haven't been to before, and as I introduce myself to the teacher after class, she tells me "you had some good moves out there!"

These are the times when not only do I feel like a rock star, but I feel so, so HOPEFUL !!! I think that I might actually be able to do it this time.

So here we are, almost a year later after I wrote the most honest post I've ever written. In the past 11 and 1/2 months I gained and have lost 6-8 pounds. I've been on a good track the past 4-5 weeks but it's not without significant sacrifice.

The girls now go to daycare 5 days per week - I decided to have them go 5 days per week because I need to be available to work more often as I'm covering for a colleague on maternity leave. The unintended consequence is that it also frees me up to go to more Jazzercise classes. I HATE having the girls away from me those 2 extra days. It won't be forever, most likely only through December, but for now it really works for those 2 reasons.

I also go to an exercise class typically 2-3 nights per week if David isn't traveling. I'm gone from 6:30 - 8:20 or so, so this means that he handles the end of dinner and all of Ruthie's bedtime by himself, but he's typically not able to get to the clean-up or make lunches for the next day. This means that we're both "working" until 9:30 or so, which stinks for both of us.

Luckily, the girls are pretty well conditioned to me leaving in the evenings. In fact, when they see me with my exercise clothes, Ruthie says "You goin' to ess-ercise Mommy? You goin' ess-ercise?" I really miss putting Ruthie to bed on those nights, even though she might be asking for David to do it anyway !

As a further result of our hectic work week, we're trying to "dial it down" on the weekends so we have more family time and quiet time together. This stinks for all of us because we all miss out on social events. But for right now, this plan is really working for our family.

And when our family is jelling well together, that REALLY makes me feel like a rock-star!


V said...

A dance teacher would never tell me that I had some good moves, but I am extremely uncoordinated. You ROCK!

Marya said...

I find that parenting is full of times when making the best decisions for our family result in me missing out on some fun stuff. I try (notice I said try) to remember that we have a lifetime of fun stuff to do but it isn't always easy. And you are ALWAYS a rock star in my book!

The Lowe said...

Rock on!

dc604 said...

when I was telling Esther that I went to "exercise" before I came over, she immediately looked around for you and said, "Oh, like Mommy?"

Thrift Store Mama said...

dc604 - You wish !!! (you could exercise like me)

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