Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It says it all

I've been debating over whether or not to blog about this, as I think it's been sufficiently covered. We're spending several days with my parents in Birmingham and as happened last time Mr. Quimby and I get filled with all this angst and longing about where we live, where we should live, etc. There are a lot of awesome things about where I grew up and where my parents live now, but there are some hard truths about life in the current Deep South.

See this entry for more details.

My mom treated me to a mani-pedi today. The shop was in a strip shopping center, but was clean, well-lit, and didn't smell like a funky mixture of mold and chemicals (as all the ones near us in Maryland do). One of the men working there was chatting about a nearby church and the reputation that it's a "rich person's church." The woman whose nails he was working on was all "Oh, that's not true" but my mom says it totally is true.

He went on to say that someone once told him that there are three questions that you must be ready to answer at any time if you live in Alabama:
  • What neighborhood do you live in ?
  • Where do you go to church ?
  • What football team do you root for ? (and there are only two acceptable answers to this question: Auburn or Alabama)
And that my friends, describes the middle and upper middle class experience in Alabama to a "t"

Despite all the wonderful things about living here, it is all the implicit and explicit messages in those three questions that makes me scared to live anywhere else but where we live now.


AwwwTrouble said...

Oh yeah. Totally get this.

The Lowe said...

Phew! Glad you changed that name to Mr. Quimby. This is going to be hard!

{sue} said...

Yes. It is these intangibles that make it hard to compare. You can look at house prices and school test scores, but there are so many subtleties of attitude and social experience that you just can't quantify.

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