Saturday, November 7, 2009

It catches up with you

Man, getting old catches up with you.

One very, very late night + another semi-late night + a day filled with activity = one exhausted mama.

David and I were at the bar mitzvah of some dear friends of ours today. I started babysitting for the B. family about 17 years ago, when E. was 6 and G. was just a twinkle in his parents eyes. Over the years, I babysat frequently and roughly every year or so I would stay with the boys for a long weekend or even a week while J. and K. would go on a trip. Those were special times for me - learning how to run a house and manage kids, even if it was just for a week. It's also one of the many contributing factors that led David and I to decide to wait a long time to have children (we were married for almost 9 years before Esther was born). Not because E. and G. were challenging - far from it. They were wonderful children and are now really cool people. But because running a household is hard work!

We celebrated with the B. family at E's bar mitzvah several years ago, and today's was G's. My heart swelled with pride as I saw him on the bimah and I thanked God for the small role that I've been able to play in his life. I remembered learning the shabbat prayer so that I could pray it with them on a Friday night while babysitting. I thought I did it pretty well, until the 5 year old G. teased me later about saying "melly-hay-new." G. and I are tight, and while I'm no longer a babysitter, we still spend time together every couple months - whether going out for lunch or having him come over to "work" as a mother's helper.

It was weird and wonderfulto think how time sort of caught up with me there - to see this baby that I used to hold becoming an adult. It was also a foreshadowing of what will come in my own life, as I see my children grow and mature.


dc604 said...

and now Esther and Ruthie have a relationship with him as well......maybe he can start babysitting them!

Ryaanne said...

What a special relationship. Wonderful memories. I bawl at every single Bar/Bat Mitzvah I attend.

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