Friday, November 13, 2009


We'll be traveling over the next few days to visit Mr. Quimby's family in New Jersey. It's his mother's 80th birthday and 95% of her children and grandchildren will be there - isn't that fantastic ?

We're also staying in a hotel with an indoor pool - which will also be fun for the girls.

This is the most "thrown together" trip we've ever taken. I don't even have a list that we're packing from. Two cute knit dresses for the girls for the party, swimsuits for the pool, some sort of clothes for us, a couple diapers and that's it. The hotel is close to a pizza place and a convenience store, so I figure we can buy most anything else we need.

It's a good practice for Mr. Quimby and I in winging it. (But already it feels a little uncomfortable.)

I've got some drafts saved that just need some minor editing before being posted, so I hope I can get to them. If not, there will be a little bit of back-dating come Sunday night !


V said...

Have a safe trip!!

Ryaanne said...

Safe traveling and good luck!

{sue} said...

You don't have a list?!! Oh ye of the pre-packed bag labelled "park"!
Have fun!

Rachel et Natalie said...

have a good reunion

The Lowe said...

Enjoy it. Looking forward to hearing how it all went.

Laurie said...

I love the non-list adventure. Hope it's a great trip and fun for all.

Fiona said...

Ellen ... no list ... I think I am reading the wrong blog!

It will go swimingly well, I know!

Sandy said...

A wonderful weekend was had by all! Congratulations to Ellen!! You did absolutely great with NO list!! You go girl! And again, a HUGE hug, kiss and THANK YOU for altering your plans to bring my daughter up with you! LOVE YOU!

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