Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Recap

I asked Beezusr a few weeks before Halloween what she wanted to be. She answered that she wanted to be a kitty cat and Ramona did too. I showed her some cat costumes on e-Bay and he insisted that she and Ramona be exactly the same cat. Thank goodness for e-Bay.

Children are invited to wear their costumes to school the day before Halloween for the annual Halloween parade and trick or treat around the building. Their school is on the ground floor of a federal office building, so they have ample opportunity to trick or treat. Because their cat costumes were a bit cumbersome and may be challenging to get on and off, the girls were happy to be princess-ballerinas for school time. Ramona actually wanted to be a princess-ballerina-dolphin, but I couldn't find that particular costume on e-Bay. Thanks to the thrift store, we have enough princess-ballerina paraphanelia to costume several children.
Ramona and I went to the ped's office to get her swine flu shot that morning and we were really rushing to get back to school for the parade. Luckily we made it !!!

On the morning of Halloween, Mr. Quimby took the girls to get haircuts and to Costco.

A Halloween gift bag makes a great Halloween purse. Thanks Aunt Sandy !

In the evening, Aunt Susan came over to staff our house and Mr. Quimby and I took the girls to our close neighbors. All shyness went away when candy was involved. At the 5th house, one of the neighbors came out in his scary mask and Ramona started screaming and Beezus started crying. After that, Ramona was sobbing to "go home to Ana, go home to Ana" so she and I went back home. Mr. Quimby and Beezus went to 7 more houses and then they came home too.

Both girls LOVED handing out candy to the big kids. Beezus even followed the instruction for how many pieces of candy to give to each child. Aunt Susan had a rating system based on age and cleverness of costume. (Susan and I have loved handing out candy to kids in this neighborhood. A couple years ago we handed out raw broccoli to all the teenagers. It was so hysterical to see the initial looks on their faces when we whipped the container of broccoli out. Priceless! We eventually gave them candy though.) Beezus and Ramona also got good at noticing if big kids had scary masks on and asking them to take them off. Even now, almost 2 weeks later, Ramona remembers this and when we saw our big kid neighbors playing soccer a couple days ago, Ramona recounted how we asked the big kids to take off their scary masks.

A photo of Beezus with our next-door neighbor and honorary grandmother, Mimi J. Mimi J. is an educator with over 30 years of early childhood, elementary, special education, and teacher preparation experience. She's currently the principal of an elementary school and is the mother of four grown boys and 7 grandchildren under the age of 8. (She had a non-medicated birth back in 1971 when her husband was in the service. As she was in labor and explained to the doctor how she wanted to give birth, he said to her "Ma'am, you're going to give birth the Army way and that's not how we do things in the Army!" She got her non-medicated birth but they refused to dim the lights when the baby started crowning as she wanted them to.) She was also a committed breast-feeder for her 4 children, and gave me one of the many pieces of great advice when Beezus was a newborn: "Your only job is to feed that baby. That's it! Just feed your baby and let somebody else do everything else." Needless to say, Mimi J. and her husband, Papa B. are one of the reasons we love our neighborhood.

P.S. I am so far behind in photo organization and printing I fear I'll never catch up. I've got photos spread across 2 different cameras and five different memory card, our desktop hard drive and a portable hard drive. I'm sure I took photos of their halloween costumes for school, but I can't find them !!!


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adorable costumes

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Wonderful story. I always think about what all our kids will think about when they read these.

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