Monday, November 9, 2009

Conversations with Esther - 2

Sunday evening on All Saints Day, I really wanted to tell Esther how proud we were of her for being brave and for being protective of Ruthie and helping her walk in the processional.

But more so than me being proud of her, I really wanted her to be proud of herself.

An additional bit of background, the lead teacher in her class at school is really into the environment. In fact, because the school can't recycle plastic, all plastic trash from lunch comes back home in the kids lunchbox so that it can be recycled here. She's always talking about the earth and how the earth is happy or sad.

TSM: "Esther, I want you to know that Daddy and I are SO PROUD of you for walking down the aisle in church today. You were very brave and you also were a good sister to Ruthie because you helped her. Your heart should be very happy and feel very proud that you did such a grown up thing." Esther grinned a little at me and I thought she got it.

Then, either David or I said, "It also made God very happy that you walked down the aisle."

Esther: "And the off. It made the off happy."

Blank looks from David and I.

TSM: "The offertory? They were happy when they passed the baskets on the sticks?"


Blank looks from David and I.

Esther: stamps ground "The ORRRFFF!!!"

TSM: "Oh, the EARTH !!!" (and because I believe in the inter-connectedness of religion and ecology/environment) "Yes, Esther, the earth was happy that you walked down the aisle."


dc604 said...

yeah, we're gonna have to get her a little speech therapy if that doesn't clear itself up by age 6! Those "R"s are tough sounds!

Mom said...

Awwwww! How sensitive she is! She knew the whole point of the parade! Good girl!!!

Rachel et Natalie said...

yep they do get frustrated so easily when we don't get right away what they are saying. I have the same with Rachel and I have to guesss in both languages!

Ryaanne said...

I'm impressed you were able to guess right so quickly. I often make 25 guesses before I get it right!

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