Sunday, November 15, 2009

Co-op Recap

Although the co-op sale was several weeks ago now, I still haven't thoroughly sorted through all my leftovers.

All in all, the sale went well.

Setting up the sale took longer this year because we made some changes last year but nobody could remember what they were, and because we had some new signs. There were lots of cool things, too. It was just nice to see other people so invested in the sale.

I cleaned out a lot of baby things from my cabinets. I actually don't care as much whether they sold or not (although they all did) it's more important that I get them out of my cabinets.

The old-timers have often said that what you sell from year to year depends largely on whether someone "like you" shows up at the sale. Overalls may not sell one year, but the next year 4 pairs of them will sell. The most interesting thing I sold was my trays for making homemade baby food. Mr. Quimby and I made almost all of Beezus's baby food (you may recall that Ramona didn't like babyfood). I had 4 of them in beautiful condition and I decided to sell them for $5 a piece (they retail for $13). I really didn't expect to sell them - it would require someone who not only knew what they were for, but also who wanted to make homemade baby food AND who knew that $5 was a fantastic price for them. I packaged them nicely, printing out the page from the website so that it was clear what they were for and what the retail price was. Still, I was SHOCKED that all 4 of them sold. It was just pure luck!

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pending big announcement - is it realated to the P?? or are you going to surprise us with something else?

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