Monday, November 23, 2009

The Choreographer

Previous attempts at family dance party or family Irish step dancing were largely a result of no choreagraphy. Each person danced as they wished, and occasionally two people would join together in a spin or lift.

But recently, Beezus has started directing Mr. Quimby and I in "her" shows. She indicates when we are to sit on the couch and be the audience, reminding us that we should clap when she takes a bow. When Jean Butler and Michael Flatley dance together, she then indicates that Mr. Q. should come up and join her. When they exit the stage, she does as well, checking over her shoulder to see if Mr. Q. is also exiting and fusses at him if he is unsure of her directions.

For the big finish, I am also to join her on the stage and we are all to stand next to each other and take a bow.

I suspect (and hope) that this is a precursor to the "shows" that my sisters and I used to put on for my parents.


Mom said...

You bet!!!

Fiona said...

Oh I love these shows ... except the directions get quite involved and lengthy at times! I think I am too busy trying to capture the moment and the memories of these shows than taking my cues. I wish I could see the Quimby show too!

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