Friday, October 2, 2009


I don't often tell a lie to my kids. If they see a dead earthworm on the ground and ask me what happened to it, I tell them it died. Of course, when I run out on a Friday night to get McDonald's sundaes for me and David for later, I do lie then. I tell them I'm running errands.

But I am TOTALLY lying to Esther about the co-op sale. She knows all about it, and so does Ruthie. Sometimes they carry clothes around and say it is for the co-op sale. Ruthie puts little toys into a box and carries it to the stairs saying it's for the co-op sale. So while my rock star parents were here my mom was helping me write the tags. It was so sad when Esther looked at a book and said, "Grandma, is this for the co-op sale?" "Yes." Grandma answered.
"Grandma, will you buy it for me because I really love this book?" Cue the sound of Thrift Store Mama's heart breaking.

I clearly wasn't that upset because later on she saw a pile of Baby Einstein DVDs. Since the girls only watch about 30 minutes of tv each evening and since our local library is the county audio-visual headquarters, I'm trying to get rid of all but our absolute most loved DVDs (Sesame Street and Dora). (Note: The Baby Einstein DVDs have not been viewed in approximately 13 months.)

So when Esther saw the pile of Baby Einstein DVDs on my "co-op preparation area" and said "Oh no, Mommy, are these for the co-op sale? I love these!" I responded without missing a beat, "Oh no, they aren't for the co-op sale. They're up here because I like to look at them."

Nice. Now I'll have to go to confession. (Except I won't)


sleepy_mama said...

"They're up here because I like to look at them."

That is the funniest line I've heard in awhile! I can just hear you saying that!

By the way, we must talk soon, I have BIG news.


Sue @ Laundry for Six said...


My NINE year old asked me the other day where the Baby Einstein videos are? (They were given away almost three years ago. Oy. I guess I can tell her where she can go buy her own copies next weekend.)

Elaine said...

I think you know who you'll be rotting in h-e-double hockey sticks with for this.

Laurie said...

I always knew you couldn't be trusted ;)

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