Monday, October 5, 2009

Bring it.

This is what I'm talking about.

Bring it on, co-op sale shoppers.

In other co-op matters (GOD!!! Get a new blog topic already, would ya ?!?!) I spent 45 minutes last night putting up our outdoor co-op signs on prominent street corners in town. Not only do these signs help advertise the sale for those (lucky) parents who haven't yet been accosted by me in the park, at the grocery store, or in the bathroom at Target (yes, I carry little mini flyers in my purse) but it also helps provide directions the day of the sale.

Unfortunately, every year we lose at least one sign to some totally lame teenage antics (hey kids, back in my day we stole REAL street signs. Of course I didn't, but I knew people who did. I was lucky enough to have a high school boyfriend who found a street named "Ellen Court" - a prized possession for many years.) Seriously, if you are a teenage kid and stealing a plastic sign 2 feet off the ground, you need to find some better trouble to get into. Look up this guy named "Ed Hxxxxx" and I suspect he'll give you some ideas.

This year, I've got a leg up on the little b@$t@rd$. And they're called cable ties.

Bring it on, you lame little kleptos. BRING. IT.

(Notice how "my" sign is connected not to one street sign, but TWO !!!


Elaine said...

I once told a dude from Manhattan, KS that he could not come to my party in Kansas City, MO without bringing "Elaine" street from Manhattan. Surprisingly, he showed up - WITH SIGN IN HAND. I still didn't sleep with him, but I did like the sign.

And I'll pass the post along to Ed HXXXXX.

Sandy said...

And I will be there not only to see the girls, but to help you "schelp" stuff to the car Friday morning. WOW, you have a lot of stuff!! Way to go Ellen!

Stimey said...

Nicely done.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I have a stop sign hanging in my garage.

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