Monday, September 21, 2009


One of my friends mentioned a couple weeks ago that she was only just now beginning to see some of my personality quirks, even though we first met about four years ago.

I can't believe I kept them hidden for that long ! Score one for masking !

I can believe that she was referring to the quirks that have only really emerged since I have had children. And those quirks include the following:
  • Being overly prepared with supplies at all time. You need wipes, a diaper, a change of clothes for your kid, a change of shirt for you, infant tylenol, adult tylenol, an extra sippy cup, sand toys, snacks, or a diet coke? Yep, got it and chances are good that it's also in a ziploc bag. But a spoon? No, I always forget those. Elaine has spoons.
  • Having difficulty being spontaneous. I don't mean that I can't be spontaneous - I just have difficulty with it. It's hard to be spontaneous when you have to be so prepared (see above). Seriously, David and I tried to be all spontaneous a few weeks ago and go to a new pool with the girls and it totally backfired. But we are spontaneous within the confines of our home and neighborhood. I'm not THAT neurotic. At the drop of a hat, we can pick up and walk to the playground. I just pick up the pre-packed bag labeled "Park Supplies" and we are on our way !
  • Not liking to be unprepared. Remember the grid?
  • Only being able to focus on one major project at a time. And right now people, that project is the co-op sale. The co-op sale is the reason I can't take the time to unload photos off my camera and post them here. It's the reason I can't post a blog entry about Esther and Ruthie because there would be too much background I'd have to fill in since the last time I posted about them. I'm already coming perilously close to upsetting the apple cart by focusing on exercising three times a week at the same time I'm preparing for the co-op sale and I can't go all crazy and try to post a blog entry at the same time.
Oh yes, these are quirks. And if there was some significant anxiety that went along with them, then it would be an issue. But it's not an issue. Just a quirk, and a quirk that, honestly, also seems to make our lives flow a little smoother.

(And provides awesome opportunity for self deprecating humor.)


Elaine said...

But spoons are the ONLY thing Elaine has! Oh...and spark plugs, even though I couldn't get them to work.

whymommy said...

Oooh, I want to go to the park with you. I'm the mom that flies there by the seat of her pants. I'll go anywhere at the drop of a hat, and I'll have diapers and a dollar for snacks, but I won't necessarily have anything else.

Wet pants? They'll dry.
Hungry? There's a store.
Thirsty? Here's the bottle of water I keep in my car.

It's not nearly as organized, but it's only bitten us very, very rarely.

Oh well.

By the way, I'm catching up (I was reminded by your comment on Stimey's blog today) and wanted to tell you how cool it is that you dress your girls in rashguards and shorts. I think it's an adorable look for little girls, and so much more sensible!

{sue} said...

No you do NOT have a prepacked bag labelled Park Supplies!?!

And by the way, can you see us when we are there in our pajamas?

Thrift Store Mama said...

Oh yes I do Sue. I don't necessarily bring it EVERY time now that they are older, but it was nice to grab it and go. it had some snacks, some wipes, a diaper, and maybe a couple paper towels in case a kid needs to pee in the grass. My theory was that even though we live close, I still don't want to have to come home to change a diaper.

I can tell if there are people in the park, but it's too far to see any details, such as pajamas. I can, however, tell when it's teenagers making out !

dc604 said...

you left out the quirk of talking your thoughts out loud. "if you come over at 4:45 pm then I can be finished in the basement at 4:15. that way, if the girls wake up early you can get them, otherwise, you can help me to get ready for the co-op sale....." you do that all the time!!!!!!

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