Friday, September 25, 2009

I can't get no ...


I need help ladies. I've got two weekends left before the co-op sale and I've hit my slump. Hard.

This was going to be "it." This was going to be "the year" that I got rid of ALL the detrius.

But then . . . I slumped.

Please post your best motivating comments so I can do a big push this weekend.

Thanks in advance.


Laurie said...

Maybe invite some good de-clutterer, can-do types over to pitch in? Break it up in to small chunks and just do one thing at a time? Let go of some of the little things like color-coding? Just some ideas...Good luck. I know this will be the sale of the century.

Stimey said...

Don't give up! Print out a calendar and for each two days assign yourself one room. Maybe one day declutter and the next day tag for the sale. You can do it!

dc604 said...

think about how accomplished you'll feel when it's done. play the best music you can - maybe even an XM station you don't usually listen to, so it will be stimulating. chew gum. drink lots of water. eat a healthy snack every 2 hours - these are all things we do for students - so why not for our selves? make a really step by step to do list. instead of "organize for co-op sale" make it into many small steps, such as, "go to basement", "lay out clothes", "divide clothes", etc....then you can check off the steps to get to the whole!

Sarah W. said...

Well, no motivation would NOT have scored me size 2T outfits for a certain little red-headed girl. I told Chase that my "personal shopper" had Caroline's fall/winter wardrobe picked out. THAT is motivation - you have never lost it!

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