Sunday, August 30, 2009

A star stage mother is born

A couple weeks ago at the thrift store there was a beautiful collection of classic children's movies. I really had to limit myself since they were VHS tapes and take up some room, but in the end I chose Mary Poppins, Charlotte's Web (the old version I can remember watching on in the 1st grade at school) and . . . RIVERDANCE ! Also, the original version with Michael Flatley and the lovely Jean Butler. David and I like Riverdance, having seen it live three times. It was what started my fantasy of wanting to be an Irish step-dancer, but sadly, there weren't any beginning fast track to stardom classes to be found for a 25 year old.

Although in most parenting related things I like to let the girls set their own pace, make no mistake about this: Esther and Ruthie will take Irish step dancing lessons and they will be good. Damn good. They are clearly on their way, what with all the jumping around they did while we were watching a bit of Riverdance this evening. Ruthie even tried her voice at the imitating the songs in Riverdance and she took it quite seriously.

I'll try to get some video and put together a montage, because there are dance teachers and agents out there that really need to see this. I will, however, leave out the part where the girls wanted us all to stand up and "make a line dancing". Aunt Susan was over and the five of us looked pretty good, but there was nobody to hold the camera.



Elaine said...

No camera could do justice to the dance that took place, I'm sure. Maybe Therese knows the best places to take irish step-dancing.

dc604 said...

we rocked it!

The Lowe said...

Would love to see a video. Find a school that doesn't have day-glo costumes and curly wigs - they seriously give me the heeby jeebies. In the meantime I could teach you the few basic steps (the 1,2,3s we call them!) - soft shoe though. You got to work hard for the hard shoes.

AwwwTrouble said...

Have I told you I've signed E up for dance class? Jsut movement class for now, we'll see where 'we' specialize later! I think I am more excited than she is.

Stimey said...

Yeah, seriously, next time call me to tape you. As long as you don't mind raucous laughter on the tape— oh, I mean, raucaus applause.

dc604 said...

more photos!!!!!!

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