Friday, August 28, 2009


Have. just. found. out. that. co-op. sale. date. has. changed.

Earlier by one week.


September is already shaping up to be one very, very busy month.


I'm redoing my permanent thingies on the right hand side. The journey continues, in fact I'm now exercising 4-5 times a week (jazzercise 3 x and walking 2 x) but I'm not tallying it up anymore. I've lost my steam for the quote board.

But I'm adding the project list from here. Depressing as it is to see how little I can accomplish, it also serves as a good reminder to stay on track.


So, um, yeah. Jazzercise. I LOVE it. And I signed up because an old scrapbooking buddy that I only talk to once every few months sent me an e-mail telling me about a jazzercise sign-up sale. And I took it as a sign from God and now David is busting his ass (even more so than he used to) so that I can go to Jazzercise two nights a week and walk two other nights a week. This means that 2 nights a week he only has to do the post dinner clean up and bedtime by himself, but the other 2 nights he also has to give them dinner by himself. It's not that he's not capable, he does a fantastic job, but it's freaking hard !!! And then when I get home there's still all the regular household chores plus lunches to pack for the next day. I'm very, very fortunate that he supports me to "permit" me to be gone 4 nights a week.

You should see me at Jazzercise though - all the music is totally current hot on the radio right now, the routines combine cardio and stength training, and in my head I can dance like Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake. Seriously. I channel them.

I'm really grateful that my friend sent me the e-mail.

You just never know what impact a few seconds of your time might have on someone else.

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dc604 said...

I hope I can go with you sometime, I love dancing around like I'm Beyonce!!!....or you can come to a bellydance or bhangra class!!

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