Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mr. T

Seriously, you are not going to believe who is back.

Mr. T !!!

I swear that I wrote a post sometime in the last 18 months about my alter ego, Mr. T. You may recall Mr. T, from the A-Team? But I can't find that post. The only one that comes close to the alter ego Mr. T is this one where I left the note on somebody's car.

Well, Mr. T has come back twice recently and it feels SO DAMN GOOD to really say what I'm thinking. Sometimes Mr. T is a little passive-aggressive, but I'm fine with that.

As I was leaving work yesterday and walking to the Metro, I saw a lady smoking outside her building. No problem, it's a free country. But as I was approaching I saw her throw the cigarette on the ground AND LEAVE IT THERE STILL SMOKING ! Not only was it littering, it was also a fire hazard. So, I did what any normal Mr. T would do. I followed her into the building, then through another set of double doors into the elevator lobby. I opened the door, stuck my head in, and sweetly said, "I'm not sure if you were saving it for later, but you left your cigarette on the ground outside and it's still smoking."

Then today I stopped into McDonald's for a sweet tea. (That stuff is like crack. But with a lot more calories.) As I was adding some ice, I noticed a woman open the napkin dispenser and take out a 3 inch stack of napkins. In my book, that's called STEALING lady, and um, it's kind of a commandment to NOT DO IT !!! So I said to her, "Well, that's one way to deal with it." (Deal with what, I'm not exactly sure but it was the first thing that popped into my head and I thought it sounded cool.) Then I sidled up to the cashier and leaned over all casual like as if I was looking at the newspaper on the counter and tattled on the napkin stealer lady. It was awesome !!!


Laurie said...

What did the smoker say to you after she picked her jaw up off the floor?

Elaine said...

I have often wondered why tossing a cigarette onto the ground is not considered littering. How did it become completely acceptable?

vickie2005 said...

I pity those fools.

Stimey said...

Vigilante justice, Thrift Store Mama-style! I also want to know what the smoker said.

Even when I smoked, I almost always threw the butts in trash cans, because not only do they count as litter, but they count as extremely gross litter.

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

Bahahahaha! Somehow I missed this! I hope it wasn't me at McDonalds, but if you've ever seen my kids with ketchup packets, you KNOW that we actually use all those napkins!

dc604 said...

well...through marriage, you technically are "Mrs. T"

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