Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aaaaand, I'm back.

Whew. It's been a whirlwind couple weeks. The 'rents were here and David was out of town and then I made a quick trip to Dubuque, Iowa because my uncle passed away, and then my work schedule was all out of whack because I have to make up that time, and then it was more out of whack because Ruthie's babysitter took the week off and David and I both had to re-arrange our schedules to cover that.

On a good note, I was glad to be able to go to Iowa to be with my mom and her family during this sad time. And since the "Breipohl Girls" don't do half-assed, both of my sisters came for the visitation and funeral mass as well. This was made largely possible because my parents did every scrap of laundry while they were here and a ton of other chores as well. They rock.

I also LOVED, loved, loved, the small town of Dubuque, Iowa where my mom grew up. It's perfect for us: a mid-sized town serviced by a small airport with five arriving flights daily, three universities in town, and a sustainable downtown residential and business district. One could live in a decent house in a decent neighborhood and walk to restaurants, convenience stores, the library, the farmer's market (but not to the grocery store). It would be a good place for me to get a job. The big Buts are that southwest doesn't fly there, David probably couldn't get a job there, and um, it's in Iowa. Where the winters are LONGGGG and COLDDDD.

The resident neighborhood computer fix-it guru came and looked at our desktop for a check-up and started laughing. It's 4 years old and has a CRAP processor, evidently. But he did tell me how to register my desired domain names for the super-secret consulting business that I'm planning to start within the next couple years. It's such a FABULOUS idea that I don't dare write about it here because somebody might take my idea and do it tomorrow.

I contacted our town Chief of Police because of some crimes we've been having here in our little "oasis" in P.G. County. Except that it is evidently NOT an oasis because we've had 2 day-time breaking and enterings in the past week and one attempted B&E. Despite the fact that I told the chief that I DID NOT want him to waste his time replying to my e-mail, and instead I wanted him to spend his time researching the crimes and trying to identify trends and solutions, he NONETHELESS showed up at my house at 10am on Wednesday morning and not only was my front door open with only the full glass storm door shut and locked, I was also still in my pajamas with NO B.R.A. on !!!! Worse still, I had to run past the front door to get upstairs and get dressed before opening the door, which I sort of did while giving the universal "just a minute" sign while Esther and Ruthie were screaming happily at the "Po-po man" and Esther was asking if she could let him in and the dogs were barking like there was no tomorrow. And then he stayed for 45 minutes telling me how safe our neighborhood is. Which it is, or maybe, was. ... ... ... No, it definitely is safe in comparison to any other inside the Beltway suburb. And he invited me to come along on a ride along, which will be cool. Oh, and I'm purchasing night vision goggles on E-Bay so if any of you SKANKY teenagers that live in my neighborhood are hooking up in the park behind my house at night I will catch you. I'm also purchasing a paint gun to shoot the speeding cars on my street. So you silver mini-van driving, blond hair ponytail wearing Mom who keeps speeding on my street while on the way to the elementary school, what color splotches would you like on your mini-van ?!?!

(Hmmm, I'm detecting a little pent up aggression. Interesting. Must reflect to see where that's coming from.)

Girls are AWESOME and Ruthie has started biting Esther when she gets mad, which is also AWESOME! No, um, I mean it's sad and wrong, except that it's AWESOME to see Ruthie standing up for herself with Esther. And I don't laugh THAT much when it happens.

This Tuesday I've got 4 free hours coming to me (after I go to the dentist), which is going to be dedicated to getting photos off of camera and onto portable hard drives and blogs!

And now I'm exhausted.

Oh, and you and you and you need to post something already. It's been long enough. Yes, I mean you.


vickie2005 said...

Haha! You got me with that last line. My husband's ragging on my ass too.

I would've LOVED to be there the morning that the popo arrived at your house!!

I recommend purple for the paintball gun.

Elaine said...

I'm on it.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Haha! The chief has been at my house when I was in my PJs too. And I may know who is driving that minivan, in case you wanna go speeding down her street.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

And I forgot to say, I'm sorry about your uncle.

(My word verification is "fected" which is how my kids say "infected"... ew.)

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