Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Projects !!! and Self-Awareness ???

I’ve just negotiated at work to take a pay cut and cut back on my hours for the next six weeks so I can get some things done around the house. The girls and I play all day on Wednesday, Friday and the weekends and while Mr. Quimby and I seem to have a little bit better handle now on the day to day domestic duties, the bigger, project oriented stuff just doesn’t get done. But I have managed to carve out some time here and there over the past 3 weeks to do some major work on the basement and I can really see the results. It’s also to the point where I can run down there for 10 minutes and do a quick pick up and that helps as well. I love my basement. It’s unfinished but I have a huge wall of shelving that I call my pantry, a nice big folding table for laundry, space for SEVEN yes, 7 laundry sorters. (Bleach whites, dryer safe lights, dryer safe darks, hang dry lights, hang dry darks, sheets/towels, rags/dog stuff. Really. It makes it easier to sort it like that because then even I can do the laundry when I’m too tired to think. I just grab a load and read the label.) It’s kind of cozy down there.

But in these next six Tuesdays I have a long list of things I want to accomplish. I found it really motivating to list the other projects I’ve worked on, so when I’m sitting around trying to think of what I could do next I can just look at my list! What a novel idea!

Here it is, roughly in order of priority:
Fix icemaker: Dad and I tried. Can't fix it. Add Call Plumber to list.
Sort clothes for co-op sale
Tag clothes for co-op sale
Go through house and find all other stuff for co-op sale
Sort through Beezus's train collection – get rid of pieces that don’t fit: DONE !!!
Straighten up canned goods and baked goods in pantry – (I AM SO LAME!!!)
Straighten out closet shelves
Find new oven and micro-hood (Good luck finding a 24 inch oven and micro-hood.)
Organize bills and paperwork
Make new budget
Switch out containers for linens in basement with containers for shoe storage for girls
Sort through girls shoes
Install shoe bag in girls’ closet
Sort through 18 months of pictures on the computer
Categorize and print the scrapbook worthy ones
Straighten up scrapbook area
Vacuum out kitchen cabinets and drawers
List old textbooks on half.com
List books on half.com

Oh god.

Re-reading the above makes me look like a crazy person. And really I’m not. I’ve got a pile of clutter in the corner cabinet of my dining room. And I’ve got disorder other places too. I just find that it is SOOOO much easier to keep the house picked up if there’s a place for (almost) everything to go. And our house would be considered small by most standards, so if there is a little bit of clutter somewhere it really makes a difference.

It’s funny – I would consider myself a pretty laid back housekeeper. I’m pretty engaged on stuff concerning my kids – I do a lot of reading and thinking about them, their schooling, etc. But my house isn’t decorated, I don’t have matching throw pillows and curtains, and I never make my bed. I would never stay up late to finish cleaning something. But there is CLEARLY other evidence that points to the contrary. I was at the pool with my neighborhood partner-in-crime A. and we were chatting with another mom that neither of us knows well. We were talking about what happens when you pack too many activities in a day, and I said “I try not to do that. I’m a pretty laid back person.” And A. just about fell into the baby pool she was laughing so hard. And then when I was recounting the story to some other neighborhood women who know both of us they were laughing too and one of them pointed out that I had earlier mentioned that I know that my kids eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Wednesdays and Fridays for lunch!

And here I am thinking I'm all self-aware and stuff. Get it - I'm not even as self aware as I think I am? How's that for self-awareness.


Rachel et Natalie said...

I am glad you will more more time to spend at home.
good luck with all your projects.
I am just starting to get a few things done in the evening after Rachel goes to bed. Life is and will never be the same but as you mentioned before you would not change it (neither would I).

Laurie said...

Big, big smile. Too funny.

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