Monday, July 20, 2009

Buh-by Peee-ple

For the past few months, Ruthie has been playing “bye-bye.” In the beginning she would grab any sort of bag, walk towards the front door and say “buh-buh mama” and we all thought it was just so cute, Esther included.

Over time, it evolved. Then she started carrying a purse and a slightly larger bag. Often she would go back into the pretend basket and get out a cell phone too. Since we carry their nap blankets to school every Monday and their swim clothes on all the other days in plastic grocery bags, she will now almost always add a plastic grocery bag to the mix. Her vocabulary has also gotten more sophisticated, with longer good-byes, accompanied frequently by a hug and a kiss.

This past Sunday, my parents and I were at church with the girls. And since we are at church for approximately 75 minutes, we of course have to bring 2 baby dolls, 2 “church purses” which have appropriately themed religious children’s books, and my “church bag” which includes 2 sippy cups and 2 cups of cheerios, which are not allowed to be consumed until the second half of the mass when people are kneeling. (I don’t bring my purse to church anymore. It only took one time of the girls emptying out my ENTIRE purse to learn that lesson.) Esther was in rare form that day, whining intermittently that she was tttthhhhiiiirrrrssssttttyyyyy, so thirsty. I held my ground, reminding her that the sippy cups and cheerios didn’t come out until all the people were kneeling. Luckily, our priest doesn’t mind the noise of little children. Ruthie asked repeatedly for her bubba and fah-fah, which I had forgotten, but she seemed mollified with clomping back and forth on the kneeler.

Finally, it was the kneeling time. The girls were sitting nicely on the pew, eating their cheerios and drinking their water. It progressed into the most sacred, most special, most profound, and MOST QUIET time of the mass. Thinking the girls were occupied, I was deep in prayer. But then, what’s that? I feel movement over to my side and look up to see Ruthie holding my mom’s phone, her church purse, and my church bag. She looks up and announces “BYE-BYE PEEEE-PLE. SEE YOU LATER!” and starts clomping down the row walking on the kneeler.

Thankfully the woman next to us was blocking her and she didn’t actually make a getaway. And that, dear reader, is why Ruthie and David frequently go to the grocery store or to get the oil changed while Esther and I go to mass.


Rachel et Natalie said...

ah ah ah. Ruthie you are a trooper

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

My kids LOVE to make noise during that very moment in Mass. Every. single. Sunday. A few weeks ago, my 9-year old (who is old enough to KNOW better) used that moment to whisper loudly, "What's a kidney stone?" ????

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