Monday, June 22, 2009

Hanging On

Things are pretty good at our house.

Mental and emotional health are good.

Husband and I are good.

Esther has ended the phase of constant physical aggression on Ruthie (thanks in no small part to advice from friends). That is good.

But I am hanging on my a thread - an emotionally healthy thread, but still a thread. It's really getting to me, and it's getting to David too. I keep thinking that if I were just better organized, or if I didn't watch 30 minutes of tv each evening, or if I didn't e-mail my friends, then I would be able to cope with my domestic chores better.

Looking forward to a respite visit this weekend from Ruthie's godparents - it couldn't come at a better time! Hope you all are prepared for some serious kid time so David and I can get caught up !!!


Elaine said...

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot.

Sandy said...

Looking forward to all the kid time we can squeeze into the 48 hours or so we are there!! Just need time to go to Ikea since there is not a single Ikea store in the state we live in...nearest one is about 3 hours away.

vickie2005 said...

Just a few more days then. Enjoy every moment you can squeeze out of the godparents! Glad to hear things are bumping along.

Marya said...

I struggle with the state of my house and the lack of organization in my life all the time. Ellen, I am always thinking, "What would someone think if they walked into my house right now?" I know that is a crazy thing to think and that how clean my kitchen floor is or how many dishes there are in the sink or how much dog hair there is on the floor just doesn't matter. But alas, it still seems to matter to me. I don't have any major words of wisdom but I will say that everyone keeps telling me that taking care of David and sleep are the two most important things. I try to remember that and relish when I have time to catch up on chores. Good luck.

Rachel et Natalie said...

I had you had a great tine with your guests.
We gave up on tidying up every night. The girls clean up some of their toys and yes I try to read an article before I go to bed. Do I feel that I should do something else - yes but so what!
These early years with the girls are so great and you are right to enjoy every moment and forget about the stage of the house.

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