Monday, May 11, 2009

Ruthie is 22 months old!

Why am I writing a post on 22 months instead of a regular chronological milestone? Because, my dear Ruthie, this is the exact age that Esther was when we brought you home from the hospital. I just think that's kind of neat.

Oh my Ruthie, what a delightful child you are. And now, at 22 months, all of your baby-ness is gone and you are all toddler. I think I actually saw your baby-ness leave. We were in the hallway at your school a couple weeks ago and after having dropped Esther off, you got about 10 feet ahead of me. You turned to look at me over your shoulder and your face seemed to change in an instant.

You are still snuggly and love your bubba (pacifier) and fah-fah (comfort object which is any one of the 20 or so Ikea washrags we have). But you've also just recently started full blown toddler tantrums over such injustices as not being allowed to juggle the steak knives. Thankfully, you are still easily distracted.

You are a fantastic eater and will try almost anything I put in front of you. It is a pleasure to cook for you, which I truly appreciate as your daddy and sister are not quite as excited about trying new things. You have mastered the careful use of spoon, fork, and regular cup, although at the end of a meal you often request "Hup me" which we are happy to do.

You are repeating more and more things these days, particularly proper nouns. Our 6 year old buddy down the street was delighted to hear you call him "eh-worrrr" (Edward) today. You'll try to say almost anything we ask you to and Esther has fun when we are in the car and she's tells you to repeat everything we say as we drive by it.

You seem to be more interested in books than I recall Esther being at your age and the three of us spend some lovely time on the couch just going through piles. These are special times for the three of us and I am happily late or rushing to appointments to make these minutes last. You are still primarily a daddy's girl but I am occasionally permitted to read you books before bed occasionally. Your favorite bedtime books are Elmo's Blanket, Where is the big red doggie, Is This Maisy's House?, and Ten Nine Eight by Molly Bang.

You also seem to have amazing gross motor skills and love imitating the "tricks" that Esther can do. When Esther was your age she would not attempt physical feats at the playground that she would not be able to accomplish. In fact, I really didn't have to watch her closely because I knew she wouldn't do anything that she didn't already have mapped out in her head. But you, Ruthie, well, you are completely different. You will ONLY do those things that are dangerous or that the other kids are scared to do. You don't limit yourself to the playground, either. You have almost climbed up on the kitchen counters by curling your toes around the top of the kitchen drawers. You attempt all these feats fast, unflinching, and with great, great relish and a grin.

You love to pretend and mimic Esther's pretend play with baby dolls. But while Esther will still give her baby dolls "Mommy's milk" you just look blankly when you see her do this. It makes me sad. But, luckily I still have friends that are nursing their babies and I'm sure they don't mind when I point it out to you. (You all don't mind, right?)

These past few weeks have seen your first visit to Aunt Susan's classroom, the Truck Touch in Cheverly and to the Old Maryland Farm. You'll go to the zoo for the first time in the next couple weeks and we've got a couple other adventures planned. Summer time will see us at the pool every morning that Mommy is at home and on the weekends with Daddy too.

You've adjusted well to the 2 days per week you go to daycare, running down the hall to your classroom and taking off your jacket to put it on your hook. I'm told that you get excited when you see Esther on the playground, across the gate (there are separate playgrounds for big and little kids).

You had a bad bout of croup a couple weeks back and it also brought on a little asthma. It was pretty sad and it was really scary for Daddy and me. It was awful to hear you try to breathe and you were so lethargic. As is our family tradition, we relax our tv rules when somebody is sick (you normally only watch 20 minutes per day, in the evening after dinner) and we let you watch any one of our 15 DVDs whenever you wanted. In fact, we encouraged it. Your favorite emerged as Big Bird in China which you now affectionately call "Shina."

You weigh about 24 pounds but I have no idea how tall you are because I can't ever get you to stand still to check. You do seem to be shorter that Esther was at this age.

Your relationship with Esther continues to evolve. You bicker over toys and who gets to sit on Daddy's lap and there are times when you try to shove Esther out of my "criss-cross" when we are sitting on the floor playing. You like to comfort Esther when she is upset, running to get her Pooh and offering a "Shhh-shhh" and a pat on the back. You also like to tell me "Ehs-tuh cry" when she is in the time-out spot and you push me to go to her. This is ironic considering the fact that Esther is most often in the naughty spot for hitting you!

You are a wonderful, delightful girl, Ruthie. You bring a whole new dimension to my life and to our family.

I love you.



vickie2005 said...

I love the pictures of the girls shoulder-to-shoulder! I hope you get shots like that of them every year and put them together in a special album for each of them.

Rachel et Natalie said...

isn't strange to discover all the love we have for #2. I thought that I could not love as much as I had loved #1, but mom's heart is huge.
Adorable pictures. Vickie is right, these will be valuable memories

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