Friday, May 29, 2009

The humongo-magnanimity of it all

No, humongo-magnanimity is not a real word, but it does seem to sum up how I feel about domestic duties and household chores.

They are numerous and never ending.


First, there is the daily picking up, cooking, and lunch prep.

Then you've got the cleaning. Thank god we have someone who cleans.

Then there's the bigger organizing - laundry room, basement, toy rotation.

Don't forget your seasonal projects - clothes switch out for adults. Laundering coats. Organizing pool items. Clothes sorting for kids - packing away away for next kid, packing away might fit again in the fall, packing away for hand downs or co-op sale.

Then there's what I call family life duties - which for me is sorting and organizing digital photos AT A MINIMUM and printing them and scrapbooking them.

I haven't even gotten to semi-regular "having people over for dinner" (I refuse to say "entertaining" it sounds stupid.)

I also like to do nice things for people. Any ideas I may have once had about making anything for anybody is gone. This morning I drove through the McD drive through and picked up two biscuits for Ruthie's babysitter and her husband as we were on the way there. This really PISSED OFF Ruthie who cried "Fre-fry" for the next 10 minutes. She was not consoled with a biscuit. Tattoo dumb-ass on my forehead. Esther comforted her "Sissy, we don't eat french fries in the mmmooorrrnnniiinnnggg, only in the afternooooooooon."

Household bills and paperwork.

And frankly, if I start thinking about the yard I will shut this computer and cry while eating cookies so I should just stop here.

And here's the thing. It is NOT going to get better. I'm not even involved in any community activities or school boards or anything like that yet.

I am all for letting things slide. ALL FOR IT. But if something slides, then it just makes it worse next time.


Laurie said...

Oh sister- I hear you! It is freaking relentless! I have no consolation at all. Except, it feels really good to get rid of stuff and it makes for less stuff to deal with.

Elaine said...

Ditto. And I know you thank your stars daily that you have a partner to try and muck through this all with - and in your case - a partner who rocks with your two most important items - Esther and Ruthie.


The Lowe said...

Looks like we're all in a similar boat. I feel like I'm playing catch up since last July. But you know what? The only person it seems to bother is me.

Marya said...

OMG - I am living this right now! I am so tired and everyone says, "Just don't worry about everything with the house. It doesn't matter if it is picked up." Well I did that few a few days and now I feel like I am living in squalar (no idea how to spell that) because no magical elf came and did the work I ignored for me. So, now it seems as if I just have more to do than ever before. GRRRRRRRR. Thanks for posting.

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